Monday, January 27, 2014

Gestalt Law of Proximity

Charis Tsevis is a Visual Designer from Athens, Greece who works with the Gestalt Principle of Proximity within his work. He studied in Athens & Milan, Italy receiving a Masters in Visual Design from the school Scuola Politecnca di Design. Some clients of his are IKEA, Toyota, Adobe, Time, LATimes, Sports Illustrated, SundayTimes, Panorama, the Wall Street Journal, and more.
He takes iconic figures and creates portraits/mosaics of them using related items or shapes that define the individual. He also creates mosaic logos for different companies using items related to that company.

Hugh Laurie for TV Guide
A mosaic portrait of Hugh Laurie (Dr.House) made out of pills for the cover of TV GUIDE Magazine (USA).

Tomohiro Nishikado: The invader.

From Tsevis' website: 
Tomohiro Nishikado is the legendary Japanese video game developer who rocked the world of personal entertainment with Space Invaders back in 1978. My generation remembers the addiction we got in our childhood with these evil alien monsters...I created a mosaic portrait for Mr. Space Invader using a large collection of space invader graphics, all of them original even if I have included some from later versions of the game. I wanted to limit the color set to 7 original colors in order to be as close as possible to the real atmosphere of the game.

FORTUNE (USA): Adobe Creative Cloud

A mosaic illustration for an article about the Adobe Creative Cloud strategy in Fortune Magazine (USA) made out of icons from the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Master Collection.


Charis Tsevis
154 Rodou street
10443 Athens, Greece

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